About us

Flaskor & Burkar i Sverige AB has been active in the packaging industry for 20 years now.
We are a 100% family-owned company. Currently, we have delivered glass bottles and glass jars to more than 12,000 food producers across the Nordic region.
Nowadays, we have a warehouse of close to 3,000 m2 with more than 1,500 pallets in stock for quick and direct deliveries.

Market area

Flaskor & Burkar brings together Europe’s glassworks under one roof.
We deliver food packaging of glass and all accessories to the entire Nordic region.
We deliver daily to our customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.
We also have customers around the rest of Europe who shop through us and have their goods delivered directly from the factory.

To whom and how?

Today, we work with food producers who make everything from beer, wine and cider to jam, honey, oil, spices etc.
Flaskor & Burkar’s deliveries range from whole truckloads of goods directly from the factory for the large producers, down to about 100 bottles or jars for the very small producers.
We make this possible thanks to pricing that is tailored to your specific needs.

Wide range

A wide range of glass packaging, including associated tops and accessories.

Fast deliveries

Fast deliveries of everything from around 100 bottles or jars to up to several pallets.

Easy shopping

We provide complete packaging solutions and always deliver to your doorstep during the day.

Long term collaboration

We want to work with our customers in the long term, thus also securing your deliveries.


Wine bottles

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Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

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Oil and vinegar

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