Order a price list

The price list is sent in PDF format to the email address you have provided.

By ordering our price list, you also agree that we may store and process your data above in accordance with GDPR. We also want to share news during the year and use the above data for this purpose.


In our price list you will find prices for the standard products we keep in stock. To meet the specific needs for your business, we have adjusted our prices according to how much you buy. This is achieved through transparent pricing in three different steps.

Price 3
You buy five pallets or more of a specific product. These are handled in the same way as price 2.

Price 2
You buy a whole pallet of a specific product. In this case, we send the pallet intact as it comes directly from production. These pallets are often container pallets.

Price 1
You buy less than one whole pallet of a specific product. Here, the bottles or jars are repackaged in smaller cardboard trays according to your needs. They are sent to your home on a half or whole pallet during the day.

Do you buy more than above or from another supplier today? Contact one of our sales representatives and we will come up with a comprehensive solution with our products to suit your needs.