Wine bottles

We provide a wide, stocked standard range of wine bottles for immediate delivery.
Are you a small local producer of wine? Then maybe you do not always need a whole stool with wine bottles. In our standard range, you can easily shop from a few hundred bottles up to whole pallets.

We stock Bordeaux bottles, Riesling bottles and Burgundy bottles, among others.
We cooperate with the largest glassworks in Europe. This enables us to bring home individual pallets at good prices from special models to individual customers.

Liquor store

Do you sell your wine on system? We have many years of knowledge of the various requirements that the system company has. Call us and we’ll tell you more.


We provide tops made of both whole and granulated natural cork. They are available in different lengths, qualities and widths in order to fit your particular bottle.

We also offer shrink capsules.

We can also offer you with wine bottles with screw corks.


In cooperation with our sister company Eslövs Korkfabrik ( we can also offer natural corks with different types of prints.
We can offer small series from approx. 5,000 items.


Contact us and we will tell you more