We have a wide stocked range of jars and provide lids in a variety of colours.
You can see our stock of jars in our catalogue. We also deliver many other jars when you order an entire pallet.

Honey producers

There is a large number of honey producers in the Nordic countries nowadays. One way to stand out from the crowd can be a stylish jar.
We offer a variety of jars good for storing honey. Hexagonal jars, jars with high lids etc.
We now also have got the ”ordinary” 500-gram and 700-gram jars in stock.

Ett urval av våra burkar


Flaskor & Burkar provides repackaging and labelling at the customer’s request. We will repack the glass in packages according to your requirements. We can deliver to your central warehouse or come up with solutions for distribution to individual stores. Anything you might think of. This applies to retail businesses as well as to your restaurants.

Lids and tops

Our lids come in many different colours and types. We have jars with metal lids, Bakelite lids, cork tops and glass swing tops.

Would you like a print on your lids or cork tops? Get in touch and we will tell you more.


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