Beer and cider

We specialise in beer and cider bottles, and also focus on lemonade producers who want their product to stand out on the shelf in the store. We have a large range of bottles with swing tops, corks and crown caps.

We also stock the most common long neck bottles in brown, green, blue and transparent glass.

Bottles on demand
Many microbreweries suffer from a shortage of space. Taking whole truckloads home to get a lower price is not always a viable solution. Therefore, we provide storage for your beer bottles and send them to you at regular intervals on demand.

Price example
Brown long neck bottle on demand.
You buy 10 pallets but suborder only 2 pallets at a time.

Price SEK 1.85, including pallet and insert.
Excl. shipping and recycling fee. Invoiced regularly per suborder.


We keep in stock:
Porcelain swing tops
Fet-850 is our standard porcelain swing top that fits all swing top bottles.

Fat-850 Spirit is a porcelain swing top designed for alcoholic beverages. It is also available as a stainless steel swing top.
The Fet-850 system is a swing top designed for sales at Systembolaget. Here, the top is made of plastic instead of porcelain.

Crown caps in various colours such as gold, silver, green, black and red.

Cork tops in natural cork for e.g. champagne, beer and cider.

Cork coasters
In collaboration with our sister company Eslövs Korkfabrik, we can also offer our customers printed cork coasters.

Price example:
1,000 coasters with black monochrome print, SEK 2.25 per item.
Delivery time: 4-6 weeks


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