Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals

We have a wide stock of jars and bottles for pharmaceuticals & cosmetics. However, these bottles are now widely used for food.

Many of our pharmaceutical jars are currently not used for pharmaceuticals. These jars and bottles are excellent for spices, coffee, juice, scented candles etc.

Shop from around 100 bottles or jars to up to whole pallets.


For these jars we provide, among other things:
Metal lids
Plastic lids


Cosmetics is a growing market. We offer many different packaging solutions for cosmetics such as our BET series and our other small jars. You can buy from around 100 jars to up to whole pallets from our standard range.
If you are looking for jars that are not in the range we keep in stock, please contact us and we can find a jar or bottle that suits you.


Contact us and we will tell you more