About us

Flaskor & Burkar i Sverige AB is a wholesaler offering container glass to food producers across the Nordic region. We work with the largest glass packaging producers in Europe. We deliver turn-key solutions with packaging, tops and accessories.

We have been working with food, cosmetics and medicine packaging for twenty years. We are a 100% family-owned company. We have delivered glass bottles and glass jars to more than 12,000 food producers across the Nordic region. Today we have a warehouse of close to 3,000 m2 with more than 1,500 pallets in stock for quick and direct deliveries.

We are working towards

  • Delivering goods in stock from our warehouse within 48h
  • Keeping in stock at least five pallets per product for immediate delivery
  • Growing with the customer and adapting to the customer’s needs
  • Personalised service and long-term cooperation

We deliver to

Small producers who do not need an entire pallet today but want to buy mixed products. For you, we repackage and adjusts the quantity according to your needs. Everything from about 100 -200 items per product.
Medium producers who currently need a few full pallets per year and want direct deliveries from our warehouse within one to two days.
Large producers who need from five full pallets to up to whole truckloads. For you, we prepare offers and deliver either from our warehouse or directly from some of our many partners in Europe.
Flaskor & burkar is a comprehensive solution for food packaging in Europe.

We started at the other end

in 1893, with the cork for the bottle through Eslövs Korkfabrik. Back then, alcohol was produced in Eslöv and we made corks for them. In 1957, the liquor factory was shut down, but we continued making corks. In 1995, we moved our cork production down to Portugal. In this connection, we bought a small start-up company called Flaskor & Burkar from our close friend in Jönköping. Flaskor & Burkar had been around for about 1 year.

We continued

developing Flaskor & Burkar as part of Eslövs Korkfabrik. The bottle and jar sales increased every year since the start and sometime in the 2000s we surpassed Eslövs Korkfabrik in sales. This is largely due to our knowledge and our pre-existing tops and food production customer base.

We rebuilt

in 2004 to adapt our premises in order to meet our customers’ needs for safe and fast deliveries. In connection with this, we increased our range of bottles & jars to meet a growing market. Between 2004 and 2019, we worked a lot on developing long-term relationships, turnkey solutions and adjustments tailored to our customers’ needs. This has resulted in our further growth, both economically and through the expansion and doubling of our premises in 2015.

Today, we are

Flaskor & burkar i Sverige AB since our transformation in 2018. It took place when the third generation of cork and packaging contractors took over the business. We are also one of Sweden’s largest wholesalers of glass bottles and jars. With a warehouse of close to 3,000 m2 and sellers and buyers working with the largest glass food packaging producers and suppliers. Every year we make more than 12,000 deliveries to about 6,000 customers.

With energy, knowledge and long-term vision, we continue to grow side by side with our customers.

Environment and
product characteristics

Flaskor & Burkar is a member of Swedish glass recycling.
We take responsibility for all glass we bring into Sweden and contribute to glass recycling. – 94% of all glass in Sweden is recycled, Highest figure in the World
60% goes to new glass, 30% to glass wool, 10% to foam glass
– Glass recycling saves natural resources and energy
– 45% less carbon dioxide when using recycled glass compared to new glass
Good to know
Glass is the best material in the world
No other packaging material has the same amazing properties as glass.
1. Glass is inert! Glass never affects the taste or smell of the contents. In technical terms, we say that glass is inert. Glass is
also absolutely impervious.
2. It is limitless. Glass can be melted any number of times without quality deterioration.
Glass packaging can thus be recycled indefinitely and can become new wine bottles and jam jars, with all that
this entails from a sustainability point of view.
3. Glass is malleable! It comes in many different shapes and sizes. The design of the bottle can be beautiful in itself and
can even interact with the contents.
If you want to learn more about glass and glass recycling, please visit www.glasatervinning.se