Printing and Customisations

Flaskor & Burkar offers prints and coatings of our bottles and jars. A pre-printed bottle saves time in production and is more stylish and durable compared to a label, for example.


We work with both large and small printing houses. In Sweden as well as in Europe. We can print on almost all our bottles and jars.
Depending on the prints and quantities, we choose a partner that suits your product best.
We can print in series from an entire pallet (approx. 2,000 items) to up to whole truckloads.


We can create a coating to offer you a different appearance. Then the bottle will be “painted” in the colour of your choice. This gives the bottle a unique look thanks to which you stand out in the crowd. We can offer coating of parts of our range. Coating can be done in quantities from about 2,000-4,000 bottles, depending on which bottle you choose.

Printing on lids

We also offer printing on lids. The minimum purchase is about 50-100,000 items. The quantity depends on the lid for printing.
We offer printing on cork tops too. We can print in smaller series from approx. 2,000 items.

Printing on bottle tops

We print on wine corks, wooden top corks (e.g. K-700), our porcelain corks etc.


We can also design shrink capsules in colours, lengths and widths of your choice. In this case, the minimum purchase is approx. 20,000 items (price approx. 40 öre/item)


Contact us and we will tell you more